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Duo performs live on stage with drum machiens Duo performs live on stage with drum machiens

BAM forum meets every Friday afternoon and provides programs on and discussion of the role of music across disciplines. This is achieved through interdisciplinary discussions, guest speakers, informal "jam" sessions, field trips, and student presentations. Interdisciplinary discussions explore various music-centered topics such as music and disabilities and music and public policy.

Guest Speakers

Some of the past speakers at the Frost School of Music include:

  • Dr. Volker Anding, former German Ambassador and Consul General,  spoke of his diplomatic career and the significance of playing the cello to his life
  • Dr. Bertha Amisi, Nova Southeastern University, discussed the role of music in conflict resolution in Africa.
  • Lam Nghiem-Phu, a retired professor of Ocean Acousticsat Rosenstiel School of Marine Science, presented "Who Played the Wrong Note: Sound Propagation in Air and Water"
  • David Akombo, the Associate Professor in Music Education and Graduate Coordinator from the Department of Music at Jackson State University, presented "From Childhood Musical Games to Healthcare Musical Efficacies: The Evolving Connections Between Music as Art and Music as Medicine." It was a joint presentation with Music Therapy and Music Education.